Very sad.

It would be quite easy to retrofit the 4 and 6-seater golf carts for use as taxis. All they need is a luggage rack on top and a cover for same for rainy days.

There is no need for motor vehicles on AC, other than a very SMALL number of TEMPORARY permits for construction vehicles, and an ambulance.

The taxi drivers would make more money in the long run, even with the cost of battery charging.

Plus: An entreprenurial opportunity for those who can retrofit the golf carts.

Whats the downside? Whoever is making money off the gasoline concession (I don't know who it is but I would bet its somebody who is well connected with the powers that be) would lose money. Of course, he or she could also get into the golf cart business. The community would benefit, it would help tourism (which puts money in a lot of local pockets), cut down on accidents, noise, traffic congestion.

So the question is: The pockets of a few or the well being of the many?

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