Now that someone has brought the issue up (unfortunately through the tragic loss of a fine man) I will comment from the point of view of a first-time visitor to AC last April. There were many great things about San Pedro and Ambergris Caye, not the least of which was its warm people. But your "traffic" problems are awful - and unexpected for a vacation site that advertises on the strength of its laid-back environment. We love to venture out on the streets to meet the people who live in the places we visit. By golf cart we felt we had a fighting chance and had to use them more often than we wanted to. By bicycle, we were afraid each and every time we took to the streets. Taxis drove at ridiculous rates of speed for the street type and the traffic. Trucks seemed to make a game of riding close to bicyclists' rear tires and zooming around only after their game got old.

We were hoping for a quaint town. A place where "laid back" was reality. That's certainly not what we found on San Pedro's streets. We were frighteningly close to injury - or worse - several times (and yes, we are regular bike riders at home, observe the rules and know what we should be doing to stay away from motorized traffic). I think the idea of minimizing (and eventually eliminating) motorized traffic and reverting to golf carts for transportation could be an extremely valuable venture for San Pedro. A "no cars on our island" advertisement would really attract people looking to get away from the rat race.