My fiancÚ and I are getting married on Ambergris Caye in February but can't seem to find a place that can offer us what we are looking for. We want something simple for a small group, on the beach, an official to perform the wedding, a cake, a small bridal bouquet, some champagne. Everyone we write to wants to give us more than we are looking for including the papers although we have been clear that we will have the license when we arrive. We were hoping to get a package at a hotel to do this but haven't had much luck.

Do any of you know if it is possible to put a wedding together without the help of a hotel? Are the beaches public, can we marry anywhere? We've been told that there is a J.P. on the island but all the packages that we have seen require round trip flights, hotel accommodations, etc. Do any of you know the name/contact information of the J.P.?

Advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you.