Hi, Everybody! Y'all are such a spirited community; cruising this board is fabuloso escapism on cold days in NYC and Boston. Educational too. We are coming (YAY!!!) on Christmas Eve, staying at SusanGG's in Paradise Villas. So, questions:

Should we bring food (like, coffee, roasted almonds, a can of black-eyed peas for good luck on New Years Day, etc.) I like to have breakfast at home most days, a drink and snack in the afternoon or evening...not so much for economy's sake, but just to be mellow in our own pad. Wanna be prepared, but maybe it's fine to stock up at local foodstore? Which food store is best, closest? (I recall a posting, but don't know how location relates to us.)

Are restaurants and stores (food, anyway) going to be open on Christmas--or will we be forced to guzzle rum punch and what do you call them, something with "Panties" in the title, and eat cocktail peanuts? Do we need to reserve?....

Also, is it REALLY true that all we need are tee shirts and shorts? Even for going out for dinner on New Year's Eve? Darling was thinking about taking a couple of dressy cotton shirts and I told him I've read to leave fashion and jewelry at home...reassurance on this? Mata Chica sounds snazz, so I don't want to be underdressed. (Maybe La Isla Bonita will help us loosen up....)

Thank you all, really looking forward to getting to know the paradise you all love so well.