Doing your homework prior to the trip is fun and informative. If you happen to forget something, don't worry about it. Paradise Villas is a nice place, beautiful grounds and pool, quiet and secure and homey. Good location, just a few minutes walk to anywhere you might want to go. If you do need something from the grocery store, you can be there in two minutes, and the price differential is usually less than the trouble of packing and bringing. Great lunches next door at Paradise Resort, right on the beach, or for a quick beer. Note, if you plan on having a few Belikins in the house or on the grounds, have a case delivered to your room and put in the fridge prior to your arrival. Much cheaper. Good breakfasts at Lily's (couple minutes down the beach), or my favorite, Estels, another couple minutes. Don't miss Papi's Diner about a 10 minute slow walk north for dinner. Best Lobster around (in my opinion). Also try the Reef, good food reasonable. Don't worry about the street vendors, or the kids selling food items, not aware of anyone ever having a problem. Go down, leave your worries at home and enjoy yourself. You have to experience it to see why there are so many of us that speak so highly of it. I envy you your upcoming trip. Also, do yourself a favor and eat things you've never eaten before.
Regards, Bob

Been there, done that, the washing machine ate the T-shirt