The beach a crescent of perfect sand like the secure warmth of a motherís hand
clasps curved and crisp cool warm beneath the sand the waves reach the shoreline skyline of palms and wishing clouds gather and seed the stars with my loverís dance a tango palapa mango twist under steamy starlight our tryst
A union blessed by mother earth turquoise sea set with enigmatic emerald eyes of isles that lure me in and seduce me into languid lounging on her beaches and she breathes sun into my soulís cellar rooms the soft scent of a succulent moonlight island flower holds me here with roaring hurricane power
Loving, living
This was my only course

Deep dolphin dive into silver bubble blue bliss let me swim alongside you to aquarium spires of coral colors canyons busy as city streets parrotfish taxis dash and damsels dipping into sponges of neon and on decompress my buoyant soul sometimes needs a safety stop splash sink into another place salty smiling face sunsparlkled laughter after and it seems my heart I might have left, an ocean rhythm rocks me to rest as I swing my hammock nest