From a good buddy in merida...
This past Monday (Dec.30, '02), as every Monday since the Yucatan Express
started running again, the Yucatan Diario had news of the latest trip. This,
the fifth trip looked to be running 25% (250 passengers) occupancy going
both ways.

The previous week there was a delay of several hours while people arriving
in Progresso tried to get their vehicles cleared. Seems it wasn't the fault
of the ferry people, but government not being set up properly. This week
that wrinkle was ironed out as all passengers and vehicles were cleared in
about an hour.

It would seem that the viability of the operation would depend not just on
passengers and freight arriving in Progresso, but also tourists from the
northern Yucatan going to the US for vacation and shopping. The Yucatan
Express had a 16-page full color insert in the local paper a few weeks back
detailing the ship and packages available to the Florida attractions. Local
travel agents have taken fam trips to help sell it to the local market.
Politicians, business people and dignitaries from Florida and Yucatan have
gone both ways to familiarize themselves with the operation and find ways to
take advantage of the easier transportation.

From the beginning, Belizean business has been using the ferry. Twenty
busses were shipped on two trips bound for Belize. The good news for Belize
is that now vehicles that are brought in from the US don't have the
wear-and-tear of the long drive through Mexico. Now it's just an easy
one-day hop from Progresso or Puerto Morelos to the Mexico/Belize border.
Those wanting to drive to Belize can get temp Mexican insurance through the
Yucatan Express website. Once arriving at the Belize border, temp Belizean
insurance is also available. If going from Corozal to San Pedro, arrange
with Henry Menzies (011 501 422 2725)to store your car for a week and fly
straight to San Pedro from there.

There is lots of info on their website...