I guess as a new member of this message board I should say hello first, so “hello to all”. That being said I would like to thank all the folks who take the time to respond to the questions posted here. As an occasional visitor here over the past several months, I have learned a great deal about Belize and Ambergris Caye.

Now to the point of my post, I’ve been pondering a trip to Belize/Ambergris Caye for a while, but hadn’t made any plans. I now find I have the time for such a trip, (recently laid off, and in no hurry to go back to work). I’m thinking about staying for a month, maybe February, maybe longer, obviously my schedule is flexible. The question is lodging, where can I find long term lodging at a reasonable rate? Preferably I would like to find a small cottage, one room would be fine, but I would like something with a kitchenette, and private bath. What I consider reasonable is under $1,000 US a month.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.