A few months ago many of you helped me get needed info for my first trip to AC with my son for a diving trip. We're OUTTA HERE in less than 2 days!!!
Staying at Xanadu (good suggestion to get a condotel since he's 18 and we can cook ourselves, etc) Decided to book our diving when we get there (leaning towards Amigos del mar- glad to hear they keep our gear so we don't have to lug it). Got the scopolamine patches just in case for the boat ride to the Blue Hole. Got the ATT calling card, the 100% DEET in case we need it, Susan at Xanadu made reservations for us on Tropic Air for the transfer.......plan on a Belikin at Jets.....
Can some PLEEZ tell me what the " 5 best restaurants" that someone posted about, and am I forgetting anything else??