Here's what I got from Tropic Air:

At 5:40 PM on Friday December 27, 2002 Tropic Air Flight 100A left Goldson
International Airport enroute to San Pedro with 13 passengers aboard a Cessna
Grand Caravan. Upon approach to San Pedro the pilot maneuvered to obtain
separation of his aircraft from other aircraft landing at that time. As he was
completing the maneuver the aircraft apparently penetrated a severe down draft
resulting in a forced landing in the sea 2.5 miles short of the runway at San Pedro.

The captain managed to land the aircraft intact in the sea. The passengers were
picked up by boat and transported to San Pedro where they were examined by
Doctors and released by 8:00 PM. There were no serious injuries.

This is the first loss of this type of aircraft since Tropic Air began operating them
ten years ago. The aircraft was one year old. This accident has had no impact
on Tropic Air's normal operations. Tropic Air operates over 120 scheduled flights
per day between 9 destinations. A full investigation of the accident is under way.