Thank you, I really had not choice in taking the pictures in the rain, since it rained for about 6 days out of the 10.That also another reason there arent many pictures, like the August 2002 set.

No, the rain did not stop me from enjoying myself, I just kept thinking I dont't care if it snows.I would rather be here than home.It did stop me from alot of tours though(I am not one for being on a boat in the middle of the ocean in the freezing rain),Which was okay since I did alot in my last two trips, that I did not feel like I was losing out.I know others did though,which I felt bad, cuz they missed out on alot.

My favorite aspect was personal. I got to spend time with Thalia on her birthday and Christmas.Watching her open her presents that I brought her and her eyes all glowy.Of course, didnt think to take pictures of that.

The other was also personal,it was the second Christmas without my parents, so that is why I decided to go at this time. On Christmas Day, a group of us went out with Tulu on the boat and went North and started to bar hop on the way back. We went to Avalon, which is closed, then Kittys Place,then ?(this place was cool,but I do not remember the name),then Coconuts and ordered pizza, then ended up at El Divino for a late dinner. It was fantastic.I just kept thinking my mother would kill me if she knew I was bar hopping and eating pizza on Christmas Day,but she knew and she knew I was happy.

New Years Eve was also good, went out on the Winnie Estelle,El Divino for dinner(Surf and Turf),excellent, stayed at the Martini Lounge, went to Coconuts, went to Ramons, then Jaguars, then hung in the street til about 4. The truth is I could have done without the last three and just stayed at Coconuts,but it was cool. San Pedro, Times Square style :p .

This trip I met some of the best people ever on vacation,tourists and regular trip takers.Spent alot of time with my "adopted" daughter. All in all, each trip I take gets better and better. cool .

Finally, the sun came out for the last 4 days and I had a chance to lay out and come home with a decent tan.

Did you ask for all this,sorry?