You can still reach Saga at the email [email protected] but I must confess we have been slow in responding recently with no-one full time at the clinic. Jan went back to the US before xmas and unfortunately her daughter is ill and so her return has been postponed. So the clinic is only open on Friday's - Sheila still comes from Corozal each week. So not only are we looking for a full time vet but also an admin person - preferably with some vet experience - to keep the clinic open each morning. Any AC residents looking for a part time role should give me a call.

And of course we really appreciate the donations (in kind or in cash!) from everyone. I hope you will continue to support us as we go through this difficult transition and be patient with our newest volunteer who is wading through the mire of emails that a btl address can accumulate (I get about 250 a day and probably 2-3 are actually to me!!)

And no message from Saga would be complete without a shameless plug - this time for our wonderful new calendar. Our sincere thanks to Jeff and Vivian who have once again provided us with a beautiful calendar with the superb photos of Joe Miller. These are available from the website and various stores on the island, so please take a look.

Best wishes to all - Marie