Hello from battered San Pedro Town, Belize,

This is the first hurricane to hit belize since Hattie in 1961....39

The following things are up and running in San Pedro.

Streets all clear
Boats for diving/snorkeling and tours
Beaches are actually bigger and better since the waters of Chetumal bay
flowed across the island from the west and deposite more sand on the sea

side. diving and snorkeling will be great.
We do have drinking and cooking water.


Water, electricity or phones.....I'm sending this from the mainland.

Those scheduled for the next two weeks must cancell. Due to thelong
to get insurance adjusters and a check we bet your patience in asking
any refunds...the bank is out of comission anyway. We further beg that
will reschedule your vacations with us somethime after the first of the
year. We may be able to do it sooner and will keep you informed.

The resort has minbimal damabe but will be totally cleanded up and ready
a week or two. We have been promiseded electriicity within that time as

well.Canadina elect and water crews are flyhing in with equipment to
Belizean crews and they promise elect and water in a week or two. I
be coming to the mainland every day or two to answer emails until we
elect and phone service restored. Please be patient and expect form
like this except small details.

Those who have reservtions for the next two weeks must reschedule.
after two weeks probably will be able to come and enjoy the same
as before the hurricane. Please work with us on this. Those who come
two weeks time will find a heros welcome waiting for you from the local
population who desperately need work to support their families in this
of need . There is no red cross or relief agencies here and it is very
hard for a people who live from pay check to pay check. TGhrehas been no

looting or mugging etc. we have soldiers from the British Forces and
Belize Defence Forces patrolling so your safeth is assured.

We feel comfortable we will have all services restored within a couple

due to lack of time and many to contact I will be sending this same
to many folks to whom much of it will not complybut it is being sent so
will have some first hand information rather that the many rumors that
being put out by the news media.

We had no casaulties in San Pedro Town. I feel sure we had one American

lady killed on far north end of the island and 2 or 3 locals. i also
believe there were two deaths on overnight charter boats out at
to date we have found no deaths in san pedro.

>From Beautiful Belize

Bill Wilkinson
Owner/ Seven Seas Resort.