Gotta group of 8 coming to Ambergris January 4 - 11 next year. We're a diverse bunch who have not "reunioned" in 25 years. Divers, Anglers, loafers and shoppers. We're staying at Banana Beach and all appear to be happy with that location. We'd like to know a few things from the veterans though. First, is it worth buying tickets to Jerry Jeff's concerts? I understand that we'd have to buy a pass to all three nights for $125.00 per person, and most of the group might want to go one night at most, then sell the reamining nights at a loss. If we don't but the pass, what are the chances of buying a pass from somebody that has used a night or two and wants to skip the rest?
Next, any comments about Banana Beach? What about snorkel trips, fishing, and tubing? Any "must see/must do's?".
Last, should I FedEx our clothes early along with my cheapest guitar? If I leave my guitars at home can I rent/borrow/find one (acoustic or AE) while there? Not looking for anything fancy to play, just something to hold and pick.
Thanks, Jim & Company