I have been reading this board for awhile, and by reading current posts and doing searches, have found answers to all my questions. Just deleted a question that was STOOPID! once I thought about it. haha This is a tremendous vacation planning tool, just love reading it. Also have laughed alot, you folks have a great sense of humor, as well as so much knowledge of AC. Bless you for sharing. We will be arriving 3/29 for our first visit to your beautiful island. We are staying at Playa Blanca, as we wanted a dedicated, and quieter, dive resort. Not to say we won't have us a good time in SP. I am looking forward to taste testing rum punches, belikin, and pantie rippers, and checking to see if there are any boarders to meet up with. I know Gaz reads this board, so now he has been warned! wink Hope to bump into a few of you! smile