Hi! It is a small world...do you own the Palapa Bar. I just posted a message about it. My husband and I walked all the way to Capricorn from the Paradise Resort Hotel via the beach. On the way we stopped at you. It is beautiful, what a change over last year. I was told you are new owners. Well, Bravo, its great! Was your grandmother' first or last name Hanna. I grew up there and it sounds familiar. Also, the Uncle's name. Did you live there. I still have my Mom's house there on Taylor Street, but only on weekends. Mostly, I live in Akron. Just got back Tuesday from 19 days in SP (we scuba, and the weather didn't cooperate the last few days, so we walked instead). I had some tired dogs by the time I settled into a chair facing the reef. Ahh. Thanks for having white wine. Its getting easier to find, but not all that easy. Nice place, and a great addition. I wasn't fond of it last year, sand fleas galore! This new reincarnation is terrific!