Hey denverdan & good spelling Hope!
Thanks for responding. Anyone else who's reading this is welcome to give us suggestions regarding entree options at The Victoria House.

So here's the scoop on our little wedding: on 4/2 around 4:30 or 4:45 we will be on the beach in front of Caribbean Villas getting married. I will be in a sleeveless long ivory gown and my fiance (Greg) will be in black pants and ivory shirt and of course we will be barefoot! We will be having more photos taken in the tropical garden there too while the sun is setting. We are very excited.

Then it's time to pop the bottles of champagne and celebrate!!! We will be having dinner to celebrate at The Victoria House.

So anyone who see's us, feel free to say hello!

Can't wait to experience the joys of Belize!!


Originally posted by denverdan:
Sorry I can't help with the menu there Kelly, we haven't had the pleasure of dining there YET.
Sooo tell us all what you're a wearing, doing, what ya got planned... HOW FUN!
Did you check the "search"? Very cool unique ideas from previous wedding folk married on the Island!
Have a GRAND time!
Hey... are boarders invited to the nuptials? hehe cool

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