Hello again,

I've got to say that this message board and all of you are THE BEST! I keep telling my fiance how cool you guys/gals are! Without all of your suggestions, advise, humor and knowlege we couldn't have learned so much in advance about
our trip to AC.

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible so keep your eyes open for us all. Of the six of us you have chatted with me "New England Girl", our best man/witness "Seeking Tarpon" and another sidekick in fun "Lizzard" so you've got half the crew on line all ready.

Have a great day, enjoy a beliken or 2 on us!!! Can't wait to arrive on 3/29 (my birthday!) and begin the best vacation/honeymoon imaginable! Keep your eyes peeled to the beach in front of Caribbean Villas on 4/2 around 4:40 as that's when the marriage of a lifetime starts!

Kelley - New England Girl