Oh yes, you will LOVE CV. we ALWAYS stay there for at least 5-7 days each time down. wil and susan are great, and the folks on the staff feel like family. the grounds are amazing, they have kept the original littoral forest, thus providing a haven for birds and other wildlife. Great villas, even a hot tub for snorkeling practice the first night.

free bikes, which is a super plus. great snorkeling under the pier, lil hol chan its called...

saw halleys comet from the people perch, a great several story high lookout from up above the littoral forest. what a sky there at night.

great swimming off the pier, or just laying there at the end of the pier at night, watching the stars, swinging in the hammock.

my kids have grown up there on San Pedro. Many fond memories at CV. You will have some too.