Hey... Beth and I just returned from our 10 glorious days of vacation in AC and I have plans to document our time there, but there is one great piece of advice that was passed on to us at the end of our stay that I would like to quickly share with other travelers.

Everyone on the island is wonderfully open and friendly, but there are a few folks that were offering some unwanted attention. We struggled for days trying to get one person in particular to leave us alone. Then, one night in Fido's we get to chatting with a man by the name of Stuart. He is a Psychology Professor at the local Medical School. He explained that respect is a big thing for the locals on the island, and therefore we could leverage that. He suggested that if could get heard if we say something like... "you are not respecting me or my space."

The next night, we got a chance to try it out. Someone was being a bit too friendly, so I said, "Hey, no disrespect, but I'm just trying to talk with my friend here." He didn't love it, but he backed away. So... keep this handy tip in mind. Use the word "respect" and you may be more successful. It may come in handy on the few occasions that you need it.

Enjoy your stay!!

P.S. If anyone knows how to contact Stuart (otherwise known as "Doc"), we would really appreciate. Like I mentioned above, he is a Psychology professor at the Medical School. Beth and I would really like to get back in touch with him. Thanks!