That tip is going to come in very handy. Thanks so much.

Last time I was there, a fella would NOT leave me alone. It didn't matter who I was with (men, women, children), who I was talking to, what time of day it was, where we were, whatever ((middle of day walking down street with a mom and child), he was in my face. I asked him many many times to leave me alone. In fact, the very first time he came up to me, I said "If I were a fisherman and you were a fish, you are so little, I'd have to throw you back" (me meaning he was QUITE young). Still he came on.

Very near the end of my holiday after weeks of this, I was sitting one quiet afternoon at Cholo's having one beer. Martin (works at Cholo's) came over and was sitting with me, we were having a laconic conversation when along comes the fellow. He was leaning over me, smearing it on as usual. I said "Leave me alone, just leave me alone!" He said "Why?" and I said "Because" in a frustrated voice. He said "That's a compound word" I had to laugh and then said "how come you know because is a compound word but you can't figure out the meaning of please leave me alone?" Martin said, "hey, what's the matter with you, didn't you hear the lady ask you to leave her alone?" Still, he just went on and on. I did not make eye contact but I guess I must have said something else to him though I can't remember it being more than "Go away, leave me alone" Suddenly Martin gets up from the table. I thought he was going to physically shoo the guy off but no. He just walked away. Finally, I got rid of the fellow and Martin came back. I asked him what's up with that? He said, well, you kept talking to him. I said "What? You mean I have to not speak to the guy at all?!" And Martin replied "Yes, if you don't want the guys to bother you, you must not speak to them AT ALL" I said "Well, I'll have to figure out some other way, because I don't come down here so that I have to be rude."

So using the "Respect" word might work very well, since I know that "Doc" is absolutely right about the San Pedrano's regard for being respected.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?