UDP Presents Town Manifesto
says “Ready to Serve”
On the evening after their nominations rally and parade through the streets of San Pedro on Monday, February 1, 2003, the United Democratic Party presented their San Pedro Town Council Manifesto 2003-2006 at the Sunbreeze Hotel.

According to the UDP, it has a bold vision and an aggressive work plan for San Pedro Town. “Our vision is that San Pedro maintains its leadership role in the tourism and fishing industries.” It is in this regard that the manifesto for San Pedro Town states that its candidate for BRS Area Representative, Mr. Manuel Heredia Jr., will positively impact the BRS constituency. Highlights of the manifesto for San Pedro Town include:

Tourism - develop a special marketing team to include the San Pedro BTIA and BHA to provide a link with the national marketing campaign.
Infrastructure - while we see the need to maintain and improve all the streets of San Pedro, it is clear that we must maintain Barrier Reef Drive as a sandy boardwalk reflecting the uniqueness of San Pedro as it was, say, 25 years ago.
Traffic - it is very clear that the present ACTCC has created a mess and have abused the authority under which they serve. The present statutory instrument will need to be amended and the new UDP Town Council will appoint an advisory committee to bring to the table meaningful changes which can be implemented to meet the growing needs of the island.
Health and Human Resources - a new hospital will come to realization along with 24 hour medical care. Two new government medical doctors and nurses will be posted to San Pedro for the benefit of our residents and visitors.
Law and Order - we will work to ensure that an adequate number of professional trained police officers are stationed on the island, and the Mayor will create a special task force to work with and monitor the performance of the police officers duties.
Allocation of Revenues - San Pedro being the largest earner of, and therefore, the largest contributor to the country’s intake in tourism taxes, we will lobby with central government for a fair return on taxes collected.
Autonomy - the council will insist that any major projects of national interest spearheaded by central government must first be brought to the attention of the mayor’s office and councilors.

Housing - while any housing scheme will fall under programs established by the national government, your UDP area representative pledges to seek some consideration for the current owners of homes secured under the DFC housing project.

Copies of the U.D.P. national and local manifesto are available from the party’s standard bearers and the U.D.P. office here in San Pedro.