Trip Report: AC

Flew into BZE Thursday and took a cab to Muni. Even with cab fare, we saved $200.
We stayed at the Hide Away. It used to be yellow and run by four gals from Texas; itís been whitewashed and the one lady left has it up for sale. Joyce is as gracious as ever, but the place seems a bit sad now. The restaurant has been leased to an American couple that seems desperate to make it work. Unfortunately, desperation isnít very pretty.
The first item of business was to get the girls' hair braided. We walked up the beach to a palapa hut next to Estelís (the best place for breakfast) where the sign said ďRosanna Hair Braiding Done HereĒ. She did an excellent job on my younger daughter; she also told her that she was nice and thin but her sister was fat, then she did such a bad job on my older daughter that the braids fell out the next day. DONíT EVER GO TO ROSANNA aka RED GIRL. The next day we got the phone number of Helen. Helen is 3rd or 4th generation islander and knows some wonderful history. When I called her, she came to our hotel within 15 minutes and did my daughterís hair right by the pool. She did such a fantastic job on my older daughterís hair that my younger one was jealous. She was terrific. Call her at 206-2610 or 606-7467.

We spent one day in the pool, one day with a golf cart and one day snorkeling.
The golf cart was from Cars R Us, it was $48 for 24 hours and I canít believe we didnít need a charge. We went everywhere! We loved Boco Del Rio Park. If you have kids, itís a nice playground with some of the equipment in the shallow water. The water level was high and the wind was blowing so getting onto the ferry north was interesting. The north is much prettier than the south, but I wonít go to Captain Morganís again. We had bad service and overpriced food next to their pool. We had much better food at a roadside barbeque just south of the cut. We did go south, but Satan was a no-show. Ah well, it was a fun drive anyway.
We visited Papiís for lobster; it was wonderful. Celiís for lunch and had the best fish and chips Iíve had in my life (the fish was fresh grouper). Tried going to Fidoís which I enjoyed so much 3 years ago. They only have bottled drinks, no fresh juices for the non-alcohol crowd. The menu didnít have a thing that my kids were remotely interested in. We left there and drove around looking for something more appropriate. A guy stepped out into the road waving a menu saying, ďHave dinner here! Please!Ē The place was (I may have it slightly wrong) Cocina Caramba. They greeted us with complimentary conch cerviche, fixed a smoothie for my daughter that wasnít on the menu, and served the best Mexican food she has ever tried. The fish was also wonderful. We loved it!
I had tried to arrange an all-day snorkel trip with Alfonso Graniel. He said wait to until I get to the island, then call. It was hard to get a hold of him (heís out on a boat all day) and when I did he said heíd have to check around to find more people who might be interested. More waiting. Then we finally got word that he couldnít find anyone else, so no trip. That was disappointing. I understand how things work there, but I really had tried. So, we ended up on Hustlerís catamaran. Hol Chan was neat (a spotted eagle ray and eels fighting!), but I only saw 3 rays at shark-ray alley. We stopped at Caye Caulker for lunch and were served the biggest burrito Iíve ever seen at Rasta Pasta. After some ice cream (I donít know what soursop is, but it works great as an ice-cream flavor!), my girls were abducted by smiling children who pulled them into the surf. There were about a half a dozen in various shades of brown. They wrapped their arms around my girls for ďridesĒ, they all linked hands, said ď1,2,3 GO!Ē and dove forward and one girl jumped up to say ďI win!Ē. They just seemed so very happy to see my children. Iím tempted to go back just because of that.

In all honesty, I probably wonít go back to AC again. I did have a wonderful time but if you have 10 guests, you might be genuinely pleased to see each one; if you have 10000, you canít do anything but go through the motions. Itís starting to feel like people are going through the motions and it can only get worse. My next trip to Belize will probably include Caye Caulker or Placencia. Sad but true.