Helen is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She is always so pleasant, the first two times I was down there, I walked and talked with her for hours. Just listening to her stories and she has a lot. I never got my hair braid, bad experience in the ever so dreaded Cancun. I did not see her the last time I was down there,but now that you posted her number I will be sure to give her a call. I love those beaded sandles that she makes, though, I will probably buy a pair in May.

I also had a bad experience at Capt Morgans,the service was terrible and they treated me like I was some kind of skum that just rolled in from the ocean.I hard a hard time paying also, they would not take my travelers checks(I had my ID and a credit card they said I need another form of ID), then they would not take my credit card(said I did not order enough to charge). So I had to end up using the little US money and BZ money that I had brought with me. I will never go there again!!! That place is one of the worst.

Sorry you did not enjoy your trip that much,but atleast you are not giving up on Belize totally.