Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd post a notice for all the March travellers to AC. Since, I'm one of them, I'd like to see who else might be going the same time...perhaps, we'll run into one another on AC? Just an easy way to see who ya are and when you'll be there. laugh Thanks for looking...

Arrival and Duration of stay: Arrive March 13-20

How many times visited AC: Once before (3 yrs ago)

How many in Group (excluding yourself): 3

Coming from: Various (Dallas, NYC, Boston)

Age Range in Group: Mid-20s

Group Relation: Old College Pals

Occupation: Grad-Student, Successful Entrepreneuer

Staying on AC: Paradise Resort & Tradewinds Paradise Villas

I'm returning to San Pedro soon...about 2 weeks away!!! Can't wait!