I think the cave tubing trip leaves by boat early in the morning. After a boat ride through the jungle to the mainland you get on a bus and are taken to the Belize Zoo for a short visit. Then its off to the jungle. I think there is about a 30 minute hike through the jungle then you plop in an inner tube and float down the river through a few caves. Being a graduate form SWT there is no way I could pass up a tubing trip after my endless hours tubing on the Guadalupe. If I could only get a floating cooler full of belikin. I think after the tubing you stop at one of the jungle resort/spas and can use their pool and get massages, facials etc.... for an extra charge.
The price is $140 per person. I was told to try and schedule this trip for when the cruise ships are not in town as it is a popular day trip for the cruisers and can get rather crowded. I was also told the ships were in port on Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Several of the tour operators offer this trip. Just look under Tours on the ambergriscaye.com home page. I am not sure who we will use. Any tips from you guys out there????????