Sounds like ya had a REAL good trip sean. Thanks for the report!

seashell, I think they are speaking of Paradise Palace a private home North of the cut. Just one home and a restaurant South of JE. We stayed there on our second trip to Belize.

ejbpesca, the house is great!!!
Unfortunately when we stayed...
the pool was not up and running till like our 4th or 5th day there, and only 2 of the 5 bedrooms had working AC. It was really HOT and no screens on the windows. We were gonna leave them open at night but the caretaker said NOOOO. 5 bedrooms and the girls were bunking together. :rolleyes:
I'm sure EVERYTHING will be fine for your trip, at least I hope so cause it's a great home and beautiful area.

About the water taxi... do NOT plan a late night in town unless ya have a backup plan. Like... gettin a room in town so ya "don't miss da boat" wink
Have a great trip!