You can walk/stroll North and South.
The 2nd time we were there we stayed at a home just South of JE. We walked South to the ferry, jumped on, then walked to Ramones. (we could have gone further but we were on a delivery mission at the time) wink
When we ventured North from the home we stayed, we made it to a home where the owners had placed drifted/lost shoes from the sea to line the walking path. TOOO COOOL was that! We actually stopped there to find a shoe for our eldest that might fit. (I think one of her shoes had broken and she was a whining. lol Could not find one big enough for her though...) we only walked a bit further then returned. You MUST bring water with you on these walks as well!!!
Our last trip we stayed at Caribe Island, South of town. We walked to town and further (North)pretty much everyday. We did do the walk South of Caribe too, and stopped when we hit the mangroves. Coulda went further if we wished I think, but wanted to do the fishin and hammock thing so turned around. WATER is a must when on these walking trips! :rolleyes: Trust me here!
Have a GREAT trip, don't forget to tell us all about it upon your return!