Marie- I am still working on it. Thought I would buy a couple of books and take a good read through them. From the message board sounds like I might venture into Placencia. I would like to stop along the way and do numerous things with the kids- like the cave tubing, visiting historic sites, forest exploring... My husband has decided not to join us as he wants to save his holiday time for a ski trip- I have always been the sun one! We are very excited. I confirmed our tickets today - we are lucky to be flying on miles. Thanks for all of your advice and help.
My next debate is really where to stay- I keep reading and looking but!! I found a reasonable place but it is a bit north (about 1 mile north of town) and I am not sure that I want to have to use the ferry/taxi every time we want to venture into town. Does the Paradise have a pool? I do want one for the kids-not too worried about the size. They just like to get wet and splash around. I will keep searching for a place.