Never been to AC...usually go to Puerta Vallarta to just relax and chill for several days...dont do much of anything but lay by the pool and chill out, go out to nice dinner etc. It appears that most people go to Ac to dive, snorkle and go on day this about right. I would love to go snorkle etc but my husband ( high stress job) just likes to chill...will we be happy here, doing not much of anything? I had read about a trip where a guide takes you fishing, then to a beach and cooks your catch...sounds great to me, as we are going with another couple, sounds like a possibility. We have considered this in Puerta Vallarta, but the water can be rough and some of us get seasick. Is the water in AC calmer than in might be in PV? Any thoughts? One other question... what are the people of AC's thoughts on Americans, if the war is still going on? Anyone been to Puerta Vallarta that can compare the two and give any opinions? thanks