Hey all.. we are flushing out some excurion ideas for when we get to AC this year and my crew had some questions.

We'd like to do the Manatee / beach BBQ trip. How far are the manatees from AC.. is it a long boat ride and do you get to swim with them at all? For the Beach BBQ lunch, what do they serve (a couple of us don't eat fish). What do folks think of this trip in general and any info is appreciated! Who is the best outfit to go with?

We'd also like to do a catamaran trip to Caye Caulker. The cat we took last year though was one of those with the hammock middle and we didn't like that as the water would splash up between the cushions and with having some pricey camera / camcorders along we weren;t comfortable with that and the fear of dropping stuff through the holes between the cushins into the ocean. Is there a catamaran with a solid middle at all?

If we can't find a cat trip that isn't a hammock one, then is there a ferry to Caye Caulker and where does it run from / price..?

Thanks in advance!

Less than 5 weeks to go!!!!!!
Andrea in Atlanta


Andrea in Atlanta