Yes, this is our first time to Belize. After utilizing all of the generously given information on this message board, we decided that the Mayan Princess fit our bill for our extension. We love live-aboard diving, but after a week of daily Breakfast/Dive/Snack/Dive/Lunch/Dive/Snack/Dive/Dinner/Dive, well, we are generally a bit tired. We really look forward to our extensions. It allows us to see a bit of the country who's waters we have been privileged to visit, as well as the ability to slow down and relax. We do not like to plan on more dives during that time, but invariably we end up getting in a few more tanks. If this is the case again in AC, we will be using Amigos Del Mar.

We have been very lucky to go on some wonderful vacations in the past. However, this year has been quite awful for us, so as the light of our vacation nears, it has literally brightened up our lives. This is not the time or the place to dwell on our recent angsts, but please know that this message board has provided a mini-vacation for me every day. It is truly amazing how thinking about something so positive everyday, can help one to keep drudging though life's obstacles.

A big Thank You goes out to all board members smile