I feel like sharing this because I've been reading this message board for so long, checking it daily, planning our trip to Belize and it was such an enormous help along with the Belize Forum web site. We were going to be in Belize March 25th for 2 weeks. 2 young couples, late 20's from Colorado. 2 days prior to our trip, one of us, our friend Matt died in a car accident. we obviously cancelled our trip, I had my sister call as I and matt's wife were in no shape to call. Every place my sister called to cancel, refunded in full all deposits we had made, no questions asked. I think this speaks to the people of Belize and underscores how honest and friendly the people of Belize are (which I had read over and over again in guide books). I did not expect any hotel to refund our money, or at the very least refund half, not that I cared about the money anyway. I know its difficult, particularly for the smaller hotels, to run a business when clients cancel last minute. That's why I wanted to share this with everyone, and hope they send business thier way. The places we had reservations were: Captain Morgans on AC, Ian Anderson's Caves Branch in Belmopan, Tradewinds in Placencia, and Midas Tropical resort in San Ignacio, as well as Crystal Car rental. Someday we hope to visit Belize, as this was a vacation we all were dreaming about for so long.