I'm back! what a great time I had - I will do a trip report later. I was reading Liz's trip report (no wonder I didn't meet you Liz! glad the wedding went off without a hitch - think I saw you at Maya Air flying out, but was too pooped to introduce myself, stayed up until 3AM that last nite)

My experience at Playa Blanca was the opposite of Liz's. I was greeted promptly at Maya Air by the lovely Nubia, and Andy the divemaster. Realizing that the other couple staying at PB would be on a flight arriving soon, I was taken to Cholo's to wait....ahhhhh, my first cold belikin! Met Shlomo (the chef) and loved his colorful character. The other couple arrived, and off we went to PB. Loved the boat ride. Gaz was away at a dive show, so Andy showed me to my quarters, and gave me an orientation. I meet Lucy, the super friendly housekeeper, Manny - guide in training, and Oscar, also in training. These folks made me feel at home immediately. I didn't want a phone - I was taking a vacation from phones, and knew if there was an emergency, I could get to one, or the internet. The grounds were beautiful, my casita was great! The problem with the water was taken care of, so I didn't experience the no water thing. New pump, etc. These things happen, to a homeowner, to a resort owner.

Gaz never said he had the pool in, in fact in an email, he explained to me that the hole was dug, but the pool HAD NOT been installed. Don't think I ever saw one of his advertisements saying otherwise. The north end is quiet, very tranquil, just the place for late night star gazing, or early morning coffee. There is alot of vacant land, and construction a bit further north, so there was debris - but not on PB property. Hora the groundskeeper - and I probably mispelled his name - took great pride in keeping the grounds immaculate. Walking the path north however, there is some trash, sure - it's on the windward side. I am the nosey type who actually looks at what has blown in, so no problem. This place is advertised, and is primarily, a diver's lodge. I didn't go to knock myself out diving, and PB still worked for me. I had a few rides to SP or back with staff, or when divers were going that way, or I used the ferry. I already knew it was some distance from SP, but after doing the research, that was my choice. I enjoyed each boatride - saw something new every time. PB is still a somewhat new resort, and there may be a few bugs to iron out, but they were not evident to me. Swimming was very possible at the end of the dock - clear water there, as at most places on AC. PB is small and intimate, I told Gaz upon his return it did feel like family. He and his staff made it that way. The meals are great! Good food and lots of it.

I will do a trip report when I can, I just wanted to post my viewpoint of PB. I think it is very good that folks have so many choices of where to stay. PB wasn't for Liz, but was exactly right for me. I would recommend it, and intend to go back myself.

WHOOOOOEEEEEEE!!!! Did I ever fall in love with AC! Trip report to follow.