OK OK...

I've done a search on this board for Malaria and I've been to CDC.gov and now I'm more confused on whether to take Malaria pills or not. Side effects, time of year, time spent in the jungle, Off with Deet, and do you normally have problems with mosquito bites.

We are going to be staying on Ambergris Caye (Captain Morgan's) for 2 weeks (June 7-21). We are planning a day trip to Lumanai (sp) and a cave tubing day trip on the mainland. Is this a time of year when mosquitos are bad? Will a day trip here and a day there in the jungle in June be a bad time of year for mosquitos? We will mostly be diving and spending time on Ambergris Caye. And, I plan on using and bug repellant with Deet.

I know everyone is different... But are the side affects of Chloroquine bad? From what I've read... this the right Malaria pill for Belize. Right?

We are up to date with Hep A/B and tetanus.