Hi Dobbie! Sounds like you had more than four days. Good, short trips do make a problem, as any bad weather blowing in could sure impact on the trip more than it does on a long trip where it all generally evens out. But, I love your generally upbeat attitude about the place. Weather doesn't make the country, it's just a pleasant or irritating factor.

The seas were rough, indeed, this spring. Sylvin wouldn't take us out several days. And one day, a wave just flew over us, and there I was a minute later sitting on the floor of the boat. Didn't hurt a bit, I just floated off in a NY minute! Another of those quirky memories of Belize that amuses me.

Just remember, once you get below the surface, you won't notice the swells. My ears fuss with me (thanks Seashell next time I will try all you suggested), so try to be one of the first to get off so I don't hold other people up. But, that would also help if the waves bother you. In my early years of diving I used to find the first dive stressful after a long year, and wanted to go to Hol Chan because it is shallow. Big mistake with that current. That can be a tough dive, oddly enough. Next time ask your dive master about Esmeralda Canyons, depending on how deep you are certified to go. The most exquiste blue water and really interesting. I was humming to myself, "crusing, on a Sunday afternoon"! It really is beautiful. And a pleasant dive.