thanks Marie, I am fairly well certified, I just wasn't prepared for my orientation dive being my first dive in those conditions. I was fine after that first one. The swells got so large, and although the water stayed nice and warm, the wind was damn cold, it made for some exhausting dives. Not impossible dives, just tiring. Nothing like timing your entry back onboard to swells that large, and they got bigger as the week progressed.
It was dark, cold and windy - kept things stirred up a bit. There were a few places I wanted to dive up North, but it was even worse up there. That's for next time. Alot of the diveboats through the week stayed at sites fairly close to the cuts. I truly enjoyed the AC dives that I did, but loved those on the Blue Hole trip even more. Ahhhhh, the outer atolls, now that be diving. Axe and the others who go on the overnight trips definitely have the right idea. Combine the best of both places.