If you do get scary re diving, I can no more than highly recommend Sylvin Forman for your next trip. He's been there forever. He's really a dive instructor (he's at Bottom Time), we learned with him, nine or ten years ago. Some days, we do have to piddle around with him and a new diver, but actually I find that helpful to renew my skills. Amazing what you forget over a year. But when we really go out, he knows everywhere. And, just the kindest soul you would want to know. Trust me, he nursed me along for awhile. I tend to be kind of claustrophobic, so diving was a bit of a trial at first, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. Now I just flop off the back of the boat, and away I go. I would not have been doing that if it were not for Sylvin. Trust me you will love him, and he's so capable.