There's a topic down the page about Black and White bar. This post is in reference to the feeling on this board is that there are only two bars on San Pedro. There are over 100 liquor licenses on the island. Its a shame when I read that people spent the entire visit in the canned-caribbean-tourist-trap and missed out on little places like Black and White. November travellers take note: Black and White is THE garifuna bar and the spot to see drum circles and amazing call and response singing, not performed by a band as much as by the entire crowd at the bar. Punta aside, garifuna is certainly one of Belize's major musical treasures (check out There are lots of gems like Black and White. You're coming to Belize: You're adventurous---you have a Friday's at home... I suggest this: Me and the gang can hit 19 bars in 45 minutes (with a cart) and never go North of Island Supermarket.
While we're on the subject,and since I know I'll get flamed about drinking et al: there's generally a weekend dance at Lion's Den. A dance or musical recital of kids from one of the schools, Drama productions, Catholic mass services, etc. Enjoy!

Casa Picasso celebrated three yearsthis May, thanks to all of you!
Chris and Jen