hi to all. the capt.just got back from another super duper ,trip weather timed perfect sun .every day was there 4/8 to 4/13 capt jeff went out for three days with his buddy becho and his son becho jr,we do 7 to 12 5 hrs is plenty of time ,.we went south past ho chan cut out to the outer reef ,water was calm one day a little choppy two days grouper ,yellow tail snapper ,jacks ,trigger fish were on the bite.fished with live bait and had huge catches of fish ,we only keep what we need to eat .and only the big fish ,not spawning ,used light spin tackle ,I had a ball ,lost a lot of huge fish as we use only 20 lb test max ,some big cudas and large sharks decided .to say hello,and stripped off line as well as large somethings??? also stopped in to make life interesting ,action galore this is a true fishing paradise ,with wonderful people ,and very cheap rates on the trip cost half or more than the states ,will report on my may trip,next month lets talk food food and more food my new find was my old find lagniappe restaurant reopened in the center of town across the fidos next to bellicolor photo ,dan and tree andre are the owners they had there restaurant in the sun diver resort just moved it to town where senor lobster called home all I can say is wow ,and wow and more wow the owners are very personable come out and hang with there customers there open for lunch and dinner cajun carribean style with a gourmet flair .gumbo soup from new orleans to die for great fresh made burger with home made potato salad ,and the list goes on dinner had usda filet,with a fabulous sauce,the meat you could have cut with a spoon ,limted menu,if not fresh ,for the day they do not serve ,nice jazz trio on the weekend ,nice cozzy bar ,with outstanding salsa ,cold brew and nice owners ,worth the trip went there for lunch 3 times dinner twice ,you got to try this place tell them capt jeff sent you ,so I can get a free beer only kidding ,my rating 5 stars my highest rating ,gourmet in paradise. Remember Capt. Jeff sends water back 3 times, so if i rate it 5 stars than it is 5 stars. My best of the best so far.

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