Damn, if I'd only known.

I knew they'd left Sundiver but no one told me they had reopened. I did see the restaurant as I walked down the street a few times and I wondered about it, but never went in. Damn, if I'd only known.

For sure, after a person has been in San Pedro for a while, they can start to crave a burger, a good burger like you could get at home. So, you order one from them and what do you get? One better than you could have got at home. MMmmmm, heaven.

I couldn't even figure out what he'd done to make it so good. Didn't seem to be anything really special about it other than the taste, and the potatoe salad was to die for. I asked what he'd put in it and it was nothing special either. Must be the way he holds the spoon or something. hee hee Delicious!!

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?