I'll vouch for the above. Gumbo bowl at $8 BZ is a great buy. I'm not into spicy so ordered an extra rice bowl to tame it down. PERFECT!
Tree (Pronounced Tray) has a flair for table decorations. She uses brightly colored sarongs on the tables. They keep the place very clean, which is no easy task, being on dusty Front Street. There is a side entrance on Pelican Drive that was cobbled while I was there last. Be careful; Pelican is one way from Middle Street to Front Street and it is hard to see the signs.
I didn't try their burger but I believe you. However, I must add that Mel (who opened and ran Wet Willy's) has opened a new place called IT! (as in Belize IT wink ) and advertise as the best burger on the island. Until I try the one at Dan and Tree's I have to agree with IT!
At the same time I need to mention the Lime Soup at Caliente's—TO DIE FOR !
BTW: How does one pronounce the name of the restaurant and what does it mean?

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