we will go half day like 7 to 12 or we could leave at 8 am to 1 .we need to see the wheather conditions ,the tide ,the moon ,the beer in the box ,only kidding ,we can fish 4 people max we have 3 now he will charge 30 us more for 4 people or 15 more for 3 people comes to like 63 per person for 3 or 50 person for 4 real cheap that inc soda ,water , and 2 beers per person if you drink ,plus the tip we will have a great time his son baits the hooks takes off the fish cleans the catch ,does it all .some times when the water is clear you can see the fish in the back of the boat ,swiming around ,or a cuda chase a fish next to you bait than bite your bait wow great action

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