I also would suggest Searious Adventures. We went cave tubing with them in March and had a blast. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. As far as shoes go I had no problems in my Teva type sandals. There were no bugs when we went but I hear they can be bad at times so be sure to have some DEET with you. Also be sure and bring a disposable waterproof camera. There are some great photo ops while tubing. You might want to bring some plastic waterproof bags to keep some things dry. Don't rely on zip-lock baggies. I bougt a three pack of small dry bags at the sporting goods store for 9.99 and they worked great. Everyone who used zip-locks ended up with wet stuff. Have a few band-aids with you as well. There were a few scaped knees in our group but nothing major. Have a great time!!! You are gonna love it.