Yeah, it looks like some more rational and sane members of the government and business community in Belize straightened out the Minister of Defense ... er, I mean, Minister of Home Affairs. Ralph Fonseca has now backtracked and says that Canadians who don't need visas to enter (in fact Canadians don't need visas, just tourist cards) can enter freely, although they may be questioned about their health on entry.

Fonseca is still babbling that citizens of China, Vietnam, India, Singapore and Hong Kong who do need visas will not receive them and will not be able to enter Belize.

I'm afraid, though, that some damage has already been done. Besides Lori, there are quite a number of Canadians who own hotels and other businesses in Belize, and many others who are residents of Belize. Not to mention tens of thousands of Canadians who vacation in Belize.

It's just incredible to me that a high-ranking government official could come out with what was originally published and disseminated widely. It makes Belize look bush league (or maybe that's the wrong choice of words).

Now if we could just get somebody to do something about that idiot at the WHO who told people not to go to Toronto!

--Lan Sluder

Lan Sluder/Belize First