Hi Tex! How the heck did you get from Texas to Canton? But, then, I lived in NYC for ten years, so there you are! I hope this will help you. It's very inexpensive, lines can be a bit long, but if you get in when they first open, its no problem. You'll save time if you make an early morning appointment for the shots. They open at 8:00-3:00. There's a parking deck right under them. Here you go:

Akron Health Department
177 South Broadway
Akron, Ohio 44308

I checked this morning, and for Belize they are suggesting to make an appointment for shots. I have the full deal of shots because I travel all over Central and South America, but you won't need much, especially if you are staying in AC. If going into the "jungle" (not in the sense of the Amazon, believe me) might want more. They suggest Chloroquine for malaria (believe me, don't take Larium, some people have really bad reactions to it), Hepatitis A ($24x2) is good if you are an adventurous eater, Typhoid ($40) and Tetnus ($7).

Having said all that, unless you are very cautious, you can probably do without them all, especially on AC. But, that's their recommendations per their nurse this morning. Have a great trip! Marie