Hi, (BTW - what is a common greeting in AC?)

eek ***ALERT***A PRIZE is offered - read on.

As I've said, I haven't been there yet but will be enjoying all that AC has to offer in July - at least as much as can be enjoyed in 8 days. I recently did a little "dream time" about being on AC. I need more information to stimulate my imagination.

Those of you who live there or have visited, please tell a story of your favorite day or activity on AC. Including factual info (which you might keep separate from the story) like how did you arrange the activty, with whom, how much ($), etc. would help as well so that we can not only enjoy your story but possibly duplicate it (in our own way of course). If you include the name of the activity or place, then it will add to the searchable data base which is really helpful for AC virgins (like me).

Tell the truth, be accurate but make it interesting. Sometimes I like to write a story and I will pretend I'm telling it to a 7 year old child or grandchild. Seems to make it easier to get it out in an interesting way - for me at least.

AND... I'll have a PRIZE for the best story as judged by me and my family that are coming to visit - 6 of us. Today is May 7th (bet all those of you who are NOT on AC knew that) - you have 10 more days, ending May 17th 12 NOON, EST.

If there is enough interest, I will ask for pictures to go with the stories and make an ebook out of it and post the whole thing on the web. That would be fun and a great resource as well.

C'mon...get into it! The prize will be serious!
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