I was there 7 days...not long enough!!!
I can not describe my fav/best day or activity...so I will give you a small taste of the trip!
--------------------------------------------------I love Belize

It's nearly impossible to explain why I love Ambergris Caye and the country of Belize so much. The experience feels like a dream to me and it is unimaginable unless you go there, so I won't even try to go into much detail on each topic. The island feels like a big home, I feel like I belong there and I am sure most people feel the same.

I love the streets of San Pedro. I am entertained for hours just walking up and down the streets and beach, or sittting in the sand and watching what surrounds me. The place has definite character. I love the smell on the streets, the sounds, the voices. I love hearing all the different voices and languages mingling together. I love to walk everywhere, and see the bikes and golf carts, their main transportation.

I love the nightlife in San Pedro. Its perfect for me-not too wild, but definately not mild either. I love chilling with my new Belizean and Amercian friends at Cannibel's, Big Daddy's, Shark's Bar, Wet Willies, and Jaguars(what a night Sat night!), other bars, and the sand. Lady's night was fun at Willies, thank you to the 6 conneticut men. I wish I had your info to contact you. I appreciated my 2 night stay at Ramon's Resort! Thank you for the wine you left me to take home. I loved hanging out with Chuckie at night in the park. I loved the one 1.5 hr warm tropical rain I felt. I love the early morning time on the island. I'm an early riser when I'm in Belize, regardless of the fact that most nights I don't make it to bed until 3 or 4 or one night 6:30am. I love getting up around 7 and sitting on the beach watching everything and everybody. I love my jonny cakes from Ruby's, or fresh sqeezed watermellon juice, papaya juice, lime juice or fruit smoothies. The mornings are very special on Ambergris.

I love the restaurants, how personable the waiters are and how friendly they are. Thank you to Luis, for my free breakfast and company at Lily's my first morning. And to Louis at Cocina Corumba's for my 2 Fruit Rum drinks(that I probably didn't need!) and Elvi's...what a wonderful restaurant, I love how so many restaurants, even the fancy ones, have sand floors! And Ambergris delight...the seafood pizza(conch, shrimp, red snapper!) terrific! And how most of the appetizers come with a conch salsa or conch veggie something... conch, conch, conch!!! I loved the conch at all of the restaurants and will miss it back home! And yum...the fresh kiwi, banana, mango, soursop icecreams. Thank you to Coconets for letting me taste so many of them, something I never get back home!

I love the kids there. They seem so happy and content. I remember one day watching these kids play in the dirt and they were still there 3 hrs later having fun.

I love how casual everything is. I love not wearing shoes or just wearing flip flops. I love that if i feel like wearing the oldest, scrungiest pair of shorts I own, I can and not feel weird about it. I love that things are never in a hurry and I never feel rushed.

I love my friends on the island. The first night it was a little awkward chilling with everyone because they seeemed so friendly and kind...I really kept my guard up as it seemed too good to be true. I loved hearing them speak creole to each other and i couldn't understand it. I know sometimes they would say things to each other about me and it was funny trying to figure it out. Some of the guys on the beach would comment to me in creole and it's probably best I couldn't understand! I love how I laughed more than usual when I was with them. I love that everyone accepts me and people for who I am and who they are and sees the good things in people.

I love the mainland for its beauty. The mountains, rivers, caves, ruins, and jungle are breathtaking. Enough said there.

I love the people of Belize. Everyone I met down there has such a big heart. I love how happy they are and how thankful they are for what they have. I love the attitude people have there, their priorities and ways their live their lives. I love how friendly and accomodating they are, and how little or nothing is expected in return. The waiters, the tour guides, the locals, everyone is wonderful! Even the American's who move down there... everyone there knows how to relax, live on day at a time. You get there when you get there. Everyone is much less rushed.

I love swimming in the ocean in Belize. I love how clear and warm the water is. Scuba diving is amazing, undescribable. The marine life is outstanding.

I miss everyone...Thank you to Ricky and Andre, what a wonderful cave tubbing experience. I can honestly say I have never been drunk at 3pm and off of Cherry Bombs! You took such good care of me and made my day unforgetable. Thank you Annie, how incredible you are to have moved from MN to Belize! I think that is awesome. It was fun riding in the plane from the city to the island with you and getting the plane 'tour.' I appreciate the invite at Caye Caulker and will definately stay my next visit! Thank you to Bonner, my forever Cave tubbing partner... what a blast you were, thanks for freaking me out when the caves were completely dark! Wilbert, thank you for teaching more about your culture and island. I appreciate how quick you emailed me my drunk pics! Thank you to Aaron, for hurrying to pick me up, race me to the boat I missed 30 minutes out and getting me on the cave tubbing trip! andthank you for teaching me so much about the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha and for my first experience with Belezean G. And for the tamales... for being the only one on the tour that you shared your lunch with. Shalo, you were awesome at Kareoke... don't understand Creole but it sounded really cool! Thanks for the talk at the beach that night. To Gladys and my housekeeper at Spindrift. What wonderful people! Thanks for letting me keep my belongings at your place until you opened. And Amigo Del Mar's, for letting me store my things for the half day I went scuba diving. You are all such kind people! Thank you to Rene, great man, for setting up my snorkal trip. You were such a huge help with all of the pics on your computer and your guides were so much fun. It was sad to say goodbye to you my last day. Thank you to Eddie and Alberto. How patient you were teaching me to Scuba. I can't wait to get certified and do my next dives with you! You both are a blast, how lucky I was to have private dive lessons with you both. I still laugh when I look at my pics in my wetsuit! I am sure you guys did too! Thank you to Tony, Troy and my parasail partner. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable the first time I parasailed. It was a blast, it made me see how gorgous this island truely is! You made my first day at AC phanominal and set the rest of my trip up for excitement... THANK YOU Tony, for you and Chuckie being 2 of the most respectful men I have probably ever met. 100 appologizes for missing our jet skiing 'day date'. I hope you believe the guys took me parasailing my last day again and we did not make it back in time. I was 30 minutes late. I am so glad I found you before I left. Pedro (Chuckie) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are such a wonderful and sweet person. My last night was amazing and it ment so much to me that you were able to take the boat out. Teaching me to drive the boat with you at 1 am, seeing the rest of the north end of the island, the stars, the air, the breeze... unforgettable. Tom, I can not thank you enough... you did more for me than you can realize. I appreciated chatting on the docks Sat night, appreciated you trying to communicate with the security man that kicked us off twice, for hanging at Spindrifts and talking about life... I was nice to finally let my guard down and be myself(this was the nicest part of the whole trip with everyone in Belize). But you made me feel like I could say anything and I wouldn't matter, which I can never do back home with the men I go out with. I can't remember the last time I was this relazed, this content. I didn't want this trip to end. To 20 other Belezeans, who I did not mention above- you and the above made this trip a memory I will never forget. It was a vacation and learning experience. You have no idea how much it and everyone who did what they did for me means to me. My Belize trip is special.