Walking through the hot sands with my family on the beach on San Pedro Town, I could hear a tinny-radio on the boat, "La Nidia". A sweet old reggae song via the voice of Belize......"Buffalo Soldier, dread lock Rasta....." an ancient Bob Marley ballad. For me, this old radio and this little panga almost made a man cry of joy, as we had lived in Belize for years, we went back to the States, the Promised land . But this was the First-Time Going back to belize. My friend Geraldo Badillo, and another old friend Justo had the boat ready for fun on the water. So many cold winters to fight, so many hours sitting in college classes, so many crazy modern American luxuries.....just time to meet an old friends again, and the Belizean reef, to me it is a friend. We pushed off and shoot across the flats and went to the back of the bay to get Geraldo's family. It turned out to be one of the greatest day of my life. We snorkeled, we fished, we swimmed, everything that I dreamt in the last three years it became my reality again, and I thanked to Holy Mary, and all los Santos ! As a frosting on a cake, we had a pic-nic on an inhabited isle, i can remember the sound of the wind going through the palm trees....hissssssssss....., we cooked our fish and geraldo made conch ceviche. My daughter and Geraldo's kids were swimming in the shallows in the beach with dozens of frigate birds soaring on the wind.......It doesn't get better than this ! Best-wishes, Mel s.

Mel Sinderman