Ok do not duck and run from another story from Chloe. Will try to tell something new, since this board is speckled with our many days on Ambergris.

Planned a no nothing day of rest and relaxation from previous 10 full days of tours and activity.

Each one of the 5 in the group got up at different times, staggered out to find food.

Our Artist, came back from food run, with paints, she had bought at the hardware stores, and a bucket of black she borrowed from a local sign painter on Front street.

Finally the Artist carried out all the drift/collected wood/sticks, and tree branches she had collected over the past 10 days, driving us nuts stacking this in the boat and in our rooms. We poked fun at her, saying watch out she will gouge out your good eye, and oh look another perfect stick.

Now all of SunBreeze was involved in this art class in the courtyard, housekeeping finding rags, others wanting to know what is this, and a cutepie little precocious girl in training to run the resort, had to PAINT. Well the painting was off and running. We that love the Artist tried to show interest, taking directions on which stick to base coat in an important color.

Ok, the kvetching started, Artist said we drank all her tea, and ate all her limes, but had not done much in getting those sticks painted. Like we cared! The words were flying, so we four not degreed Artists, took off w/o permission.

Three grandkids and gramma rented a golf cart,
rode south looking for the Croc and Wish Willy.
Still fussing over the Artist's attitude, and one word lead to another, by the time we got to the Caye dumpsite. We decided to get off the cart and beat the crap out of each other, talked about it so much, burning up the anger, we got happy and laughed at what the local paper headlines would read. Old Texas Gramma Beatup in Dump by dumbass Kids.

We took turns driving the cart, while others critiqued our driving, and fussed because our cart did not have the big lug type tires.
Wore that trip thin, stopped for a great lunch at Caliente's. Found the nerve to return to the Artist, which was still hard at work, finishing the last of the sticks.

Surprise, we all were thrilled with the results, and the name tags she had for each stick, to be given to many of our favorite local people, that had made our visit on Ambergris the best vacation. Of course we slackers wanted our names on the tags too, imagine that!

Some of those painted sticks are still on display in San Pedro, Thanks to Cyndy.

Dare To Deviate